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Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks to you who knew Robin and loved him. Thanks to all the friends in Georgia who loved my son.  I have depended on your prayers to get me through the last nine days at which time we put Robin to rest in his home town, where he was raised since birth and until he was 18 and finished school.

He then moved out on his own and in 1983 he moved to Atlanta, GA.  In 1987 he met Karen Hinz from Ill., who was working in Atlanta. They met fell in love and for the last 14 years have been a wonderful loving couple.

They bought land in Ellijay, Georgia, and planned on building a home there.  He had just recently bought a bow. He killed a deer the weekend before getting ill with his new bow. This was his second deer to kill with a bow and arrow.

Monday, Robin had an unusual asthma spell and did not survive. He went on to meet his reward Saturday morning at 2:10 AM. He passed away on his uncle's birthday and was buried on his sister's birthday.

My days and nights became one and the same. The time was important as there is a critical time where there could have been some improvement in the results of the scans and EEG's. But God knew what was best at that time and there was never any improvement.

The support of Robin and Karen's friends and the men and women who worked with Robin on his job was tremendous. They came, they stayed, they prayed, they fed us and they showed their love for Robin and Karen. I have depended on the prayers of the praying people.

I have had moments of wanting to come apart or scream or tear something up. Then a peace and calm feeling comes over me and I have felt the presence of God. Without Him, I could not have survived.

I spoke to Karen as she is now back in Marietta, Ga. She is doing OK and she and I still need prayer.  Thanks to Rev. Majors our pastor who officiated the service which was beautiful. The singing was so appropriate. The pallbearers were all men who were friends of Robin and Karen who made the trip from Georgia to Louisiana.  I appreciate that very much. It tells me a lot about my son.

I appreciate and thank you for all of the food that was prepared and brought to my home and to the church. The dinner provided after the funeral. The beautiful floral arrangements, the donations made in Robins memory, the cards, the hugs and the "I'll be praying for you". The kind words extended to Robin's entire family. We will miss him and we will remember all of the good times we had for 40 years.  Click here for the index...

Robin's mother - Lois

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