The Old Oak Tree

Did you hear the "Old Oak Tree" fall?
No? Well it fell gently.
It fell, just as it had lived.
When the wind blew on the "Old Oak Tree", it blew gently.
The rustle of the leaves was soft.
When the rain fell, it fell gently.
It always left a refreshing atmosphere.
When the lightening flashed,
It always revealed the strength of the "Old Oak Tree".
Itís, roots were deep and spread out to receive the good things in life.
Then one day, when the wind wasnít blowing,
And the sun wasnít shining,
And the rain wasnít falling,
And the lightening wasnít flashing.
The "Old Oak Tree", fell.
It fell gently.
Not a sound was made.
It was in death as it had lived,


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Oak Tree



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